Let's all be winners!

Welcome to the 2018 BioLab, Inc. United Way of Southwest Louisiana Campaign!  

2018 BioLab Incentives

1. Drawing for a Day Off
For every one hundred dollars of annual contribution you will get one card in a drawing for a day off.  Ten days off to be given. (Only one day off per contributor)

2. BioLab T-shirt, Metro Blue with Logo 
Everyone who turns in a Pledge Card within two weeks of your rally with a minimum of $10 annual donation.

3. Zone II Sunglasses 
Everyone who increases their contribution by 5$ per pay period.


4. Streamlight Stylus Pro Tactical Flashlight with Holster  (90 Lumens, Aluminum, 90 Lumen LED)
Contribute $25 per pay period or more.

5. Name on a Special Drawing for One Day Off

Must be a new contributor. (New employee hired in the last year or did not contribute in 2016, minimum contribution of 5$ per pay period)

6. Reserved Parking Spot, One Day off, Drawing for a Day Off,  Included in 1 card for every $100 Day off Drawing, Flashlight and Sunglasses
Pillars Club  -- $1000 annual contribution

Might as well go all in!
Appreciation Awards are cumulative. If you increase your contribution by more than $5,
and turn your pledge card in promptly, this brings you to the Pillars Club level.

You Would Get:
A parking spot, day off,  chance on an additional day off, at least ten chances on a third day off,
duffle bag , BioLab t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses.  Plus, you would get the admiration of your friends!

Our Goal: $40000
Currently Raised: $0

* United Way of Southwest Louisiana is a non-profit organization organized under IRS code 501 (c)(3). Your gifts are tax deductible. You, our donor, are highly valuable to us. As a result, the personal information you have provided will only be used to properly process and credit your donation and to communicate with you regarding United Way of Southwest Louisiana. We do not sell, trade or rent our donor information. United Way of Southwest Louisiana operates under the highest financial and ethical standards and has earned the United Way Worldwide Standards of Excellence seal of approval. United Way of Southwest Louisiana charges a cost recovery fee for donations made to specific agencies and other United Ways to recover expenses related to the processing of designations. Designated donations must be a minimum of $50 annually. Designations are paid based on dollars collected by United Way of Southwest Louisiana, not dollars pledged. For more information on our policy regarding designations, please call us at 337-433-1088. United Way of Southwest Louisiana’s mission is positive community impact. We achieve this mission by fighting for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community across Southwest Louisiana. United Way of  Southwest Louisiana serves Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron and Jefferson Davis parishes.