Hurricane Damage Relief- My 2-1-1 Story

May 21, 2019, by mharding

Mary Doucet was desperate. At age 69 she found herself with a home damaged beyond repair due to Hurricane Harvey without any hope of living on her own again. "It lifted the roof off the house and rained in my house really bad," she said. "The water had come up to the bottom of the floor and caused my floor to rot and mold."

Mary had been paying home owners insurance for years, but unbeknownst to her the wind and hail damages had been dropped despite no change in her premium. Her home was deemed uninhabitable by adjusters yet she was still having to pay her monthly note on the property. "They say it's not a flooding area, but it certainly does flood there," she said describing her previous neighborhood of residence in Sulphur, LA that suffers from inadequate drainage.

Feeling frustrated and helpless, now living with her adult children, Mary visted the local Senior Circle on a day when Sarina Clooney, a representative from the United Way, visited to discuss the non-profit's many 2-1-1 resources.

Mary's friends suggested she talk with Sarina about her plight and the connection turned out to be a Godsend, she said with tears. Sarina explained to Mary the options and resources available through 2-1-1 for not only a replacement home but also handicap accessible features and legal aid for other personal matters.

In less than 6 months, Mary will have moved into her new trailer provided through 2-1-1 and the United Way's partner agencies. "I really thank God for Mrs. Sarina coming to my rescue because I didn't think I'd get any help. It just got to where I didn't care anymore and they made me want to live again."


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