Find the Positive

June 2, 2020, by Denise

Many Southwest Louisiana residents are slowly emerging out of the fog of stay at home orders to what sometimes feels like a new world. No one alive has ever experienced social distancing, quarantines or mass closures like we’ve seen in the past three months.

Three months—even just writing that feels disorienting.

As happy as I am to return to some sense of normalcy, there are some things that I hope will not. Families spent more time together, ate meals together and learned to appreciate one another’s unique qualities. Individuals learned to make the most of the resources available to them to remain connected--more phone calls, Facetime, more thank you and more I love you.

Was it perfect? Certainly not. Families argued. Technology failed. Loneliness closed in. Finances wavered. Everyone’s experience was different but surely there was one positive thing that should be appreciated—

The resiliency of the human spirit. The strength to rise above obstacles. The hope to make it to a brighter day.

These are the qualities that better an individual, a community and a generation. Do we know what is to come? Certainly, spring has taught us we can never be certain. But one thing is for sure—United Way of Southwest Louisiana is here. We are present, listening and ready to act, no matter the need.

While we are committed to continuing the good, celebrating the wins and making the most of each day, what about you? What positive attitude, quality, skill or trait will you carry with you long after the days of social distancing and stay at home orders are over? Equipped with these new skills, we will recover, rebuild and reimagine a new future for Southwest Louisiana.

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