United Way of Southwest Louisiana asks families across the region to complete important survey to assess impact of COVID19

May 13, 2020, by mharding


LAKE CHARLES, LA, May 13 – United Way of Southwest Louisiana is distributing a statewide survey today to assess the economic impact the COVID19 crisis has had on Southwest Louisiana families. All Louisiana families are invited to complete the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LACOVID.

The survey seeks information on a wide range of topics, including the most pressing concerns, job changes, childcare challenges and other economic changes Southwest Louisiana families are navigating. Individual responses are confidential.

“We know there is not a single person in Southwest Louisiana who has not been impacted in some fashion by COVID19. While we are truly dedicated to the recovery of our region, we need the data that this survey will provide to know exactly where and how can best help,” Denise Durel, United Way of Southwest Louisiana president and CEO, said.

Before the pandemic hit, many of Southwest Louisiana residents were employed in hourly positions in the hospitality sector that our region is known for. Even when business was booming, data from our Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed study indicated that one in four households were led by workers unable to earn enough to cover the basics and save for unexpected crisis or a job loss. For many, the current economic crisis has exacerbated this troubling statistic by stripping available assets and abruptly repositioning families into unfamiliar financial positions.

“Every day we work hard to serve our friends and neighbors who are suffering from the loss of basic needs and their sense of security due to coronavirus workforce interruptions,” Durel said. “While we are continuing to meet immediate needs, this survey will help us prepare for future needs by thinking ahead to the next phase of recovery and what will be needed most to help get families back on track.

This survey is being conducted at zero cost, thanks to a network of volunteer experts, including Dr. Steven Dick, member of the Louisiana ALICE Research Advisory Committee, and advisory assistance provided by the United For ALICE team.

The survey takes about ten minutes and includes questions such as: What are you concerned about in the weeks and months ahead? (Check all that apply)

 The economic health of my community

 Paying rent/mortgage

 You or a loved one getting COVID19

 Children’s well-being, remote learning

 Adequate child care

 Getting food and other things I need

 Mental health issue (e.g., depression, addiction, anxiety)

 Medical issues other than COVID19

 Paying other bills

 Attending church or other social gatherings

 Other. Please specify.

“No experience is too great or small. If you’ve been affected in any way by COVID19, we would appreciate your participation in this 10-minute survey,” Durel said. “We are here to listen, respond and move into Southwest Louisiana’s next phase of recovery.”

For more information on United Way of Southwest Louisiana, visit unitedwayswla.org or call 337.433.1088.

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