United Way of Southwest Louisiana Launches 365 Small Business Circle

Chicken Salad Chick employees with big check
Chicken Salad Chick employees with big check
“What sets United Way of Southwest Louisiana apart is that no one is beyond their radar. They have a pulse on every facet of our community and that means if you're a donor, you have a pulse on it too. You don't have to worry that one demographic or neighborhood isn't being served. United Way of Southwest Louisiana sees it all and makes sure people are getting the help that they need.” 
Cindy Self, Chicken Salad Chick & Waxing the City


United Way of Southwest Louisiana, the oldest nonprofit member of Chamber SWLA, is proud to announce the launch of its new 365 Small Business Circle. The new donor level aims to encourage local small businesses to participate in affordable philanthropy and support the community by donating just one dollar per day or $365 annually.

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of a strong community. The community's strength affects the economy and lifestyles, and it also impacts the ability of your customers to afford your services. By joining United Way of Southwest Louisiana's 365 Small Business Circle, you can significantly impact the community by supporting crucial endeavors such as food security, education Initiatives, and efforts to help people meet their basic needs.

"We know that small businesses play a vital role in our local economy. They are deeply rooted in the community where we live, work and play. By engaging with the community, whether it's through sponsorships, volunteering, or other means, your company can effectively build its brand, establish trust, and attract and retain talented employees who share your company's values," said Denise Durel, President and CEO of United Way of Southwest Louisiana.

By joining the 365 Small Business Circle, businesses can increase their brand's value, strengthen customer loyalty, and create a meaningful work environment for their employees. The new level of giving also allows businesses to network with other business leaders working to solve the community's toughest challenges.

"We evaluate every program to ensure your dollars are well stewarded to achieve the most significant impact. With over 8,000 individual and 240 company donors in Southwest Louisiana, we are significantly impacting people's lives by bringing about long-lasting changes. A strong community benefits everyone, including small businesses and the workforce," added Durel.

United Way of Southwest Louisiana has been an integral part of the community for over 84 years, and its mission to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities is as relevant now as ever before. The organization is committed to creating lasting change by addressing the root causes of social problems and working collaboratively with other organizations to improve the lives of individuals and families in Southwest Louisiana.

For more information about the benefits of joining United Way of Southwest Louisiana's 365 Small Business Circle and how to donate, visit www.unitedwayswla.org/365 or text keyword 365 to 91999