We serve a diverse five-parish region that has been heavily impacted by natural disasters. With a large majority of each parish living BELOW the ALICE THRESHOLD, we produce boundary breaking Initiatives and many collaborative partnerships that are both fast and efficient at addressing the human services issues Southwest Louisiana suffers from.

As we address the gaps in human services that we measure and address, we proactively secure funds, assets and volunteers to collectively impact these efforts. 

We cannot address the many needs in Southwest Louisiana without the support of our community, donors, sponsors and global contacts. Investing time or money in United Way of Southwest Louisiana makes a difference. By the numbers, we have served over one million people.

To be exact, United Way of Southwest Louisiana has served 1,112,121 individuals in your neighborhood or family since the pandemic began. 

We are THE hand-raisers and THE game changers. No matter the obstacles. No matter the odds.

We are surrounding this community's most critical problems and delivering for every person in our community in health, education, basic needs and economic mobility. 

Change doesn't happen alone. VOLUNTEER, GIVE or ADVOCATE for change today.


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