Strong Homes Initiative

houses and two women

In our ongoing commitment to safeguarding communities and enhancing disaster preparedness, we've launched a transformative program aimed at fortifying homes against the threats of natural disasters. 

Our Initiative is specially designed to assist ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) and low-income working families, ensuring their residences are prepared and resilient against the challenges posed by high winds and heavy rains. Here, you'll find comprehensive details on how to apply for assistance, eligibility criteria and how this Initiative makes a tangible difference in the community. We invite you to explore how the Strong Homes Initiative is actively working toward a safer, more secure future for all residents in Southwest Louisiana.

Criteria for application

income thresholdsApplicant must be the homeowner as identified by Calcasieu Parish Assessor's Office

Applicant must reside in Calcasieu Parish

Applicant must live in the home year-round

Home must be inhabited currently

Household income must be at or below ALICE Threshold

Work must be preventative



Opportunities for application may have different criteria or funding amounts.

Application is NOT a guarantee of services.

All opportunities are first-come, first-served until funds are exhausted.